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Why I love black and white wedding photos

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

I love black and white wedding photos! There, I said it!

Entwined in them are moods and drama like no other. Their power to convey the hidden emotion in an image is almost unparalleled. No words required, a black and white picture from a wedding day will say it all


Given the opportunity, I would photograph an entire wedding day in black and white. Why, you may ask, simply put, I think monochrome images have a way of telling a deeper wedding day story, especially when it comes to candid moments. Now this is not to say the same cannot be said for wedding photos in colour it’s just that for me, documentary wedding photography moments captured in black and white really brings that moment in a wedding to the forefront of your thoughts, it transports you back in a way.


I remember my father had an extensive collection of photographs from when he was young and almost seventy percent of those pictures were black and white so I guess that’s where my love for monochrome images probably began and it still has a major impact on me as a wedding photographer to this day. The same goes for movies, give me a classic 1940’s black and white film noir and I’m in my zone.


On a wedding day, you don’t have to look too far, some stories simply demand to be narrated in black and white. It could be a bride overwhelmed by the beauty of her big day or perhaps the groom at the altar, experiencing a touch of nerves or even still, the father of the bride seeing his little girl all grown up in her wedding dress. For me personally, these are black and white photograph moments, they will tell that photojournalistic story like no other.


The great thing about black and white photographs as well is they transcend style. So, whether it's a traditional wedding, classic wedding, rustic wedding or even an elopement wedding, a good monochrome picture would never look out of place.


Wedding day stories are usually seen in colour but beautifully told in black and white and this is why I love monochrome pictures so much. The sense of documentary storytelling is right before your very eyes.


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