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London Pre Wedding Shoot | Ebun and Owanari | London Photographer

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

What’s not to love about working as a London engagement photographer?

Ebun and Owanari’s pre-wedding shoot in London is one of the most fun engagement shoots I’ve had in awhile. I’m so excited they’ve also booked me as the wedding photographer for their summer wedding!


An engagement shoot photographer’s dream is to have a couple who are relaxed with each other in front of the lens as this makes for beautiful, natural photos so photographing Ebun and Owanari was indeed a joyful process.

We had an absolutely epic time starting off at Westminster Bridge with the Palace of Westminster as the backdrop. From there we simply incorporated more recognisable London landmarks into the shoot such as the London Embankment, Millennium Bridge and the London Eye.

There’s no such thing as having too much fun when photographing a pre wedding shoot, especially when the engaged couple make your job an easy one.


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