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Hylands House Wedding Photography | Kari and Alex's Wedding at Hylands House | Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

You’ll have to forgive me ‘cos writing a blog post is not one of my strong points and It’s also sort of hard knowing where to start with the beautiful wedding of Kari and Alex at Hylands house when there so much to write about and yet having to keep it short and simple so as not to bore you to bits with every single detail!.


For a photographer like me who is borderline obsessed with capturing real moments and absolute genuine emotion, this was like having my wishes handed to me on a silver platter as Kari and Alex’ summer inspired wedding at Hylands House was super laid back but yet with tons and tons of funny moments plus loads of laughter thrown in for good measure which in turn, gave me those once in a lifetime storytelling moments to photograph.


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