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The London Marriot Hotel | Aida and Osad | London Photographer

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Aida and Osad had an awesome wedding. They chose to get married at the London Marriott Hotel in London, in Canary Wharf. Working with couples like Aida and Osad, capturing the magic moments of their day in venues like this, remind me of how fortunate I am as a wedding photographer.


Marriott hotel was the location where Aida began getting ready for the wedding. I shot every detail of the developing story as the bridal party finished doing their hair and makeup in between jokes and light hearted advice to the bride. I was also keen to photograph Osad getting ready as well to ensure a complete story of the wedding morning was told.

Aida and Osad exchanged rings and said their vows in an extraordinary ceremony at Marriott hotel.

Friends and family looked on as Aida and Osad exchanged rings in a delightful and emotionally filled ceremony at Dagenham Parish Church.

After the wedding ceremony, Aida and Osad shared some photo moments with the guest before proceeding to the reception at the London Marriott Hotel. It was a lovely atmosphere and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Chasing these special moments to create that unique story is always a mission of mine as a wedding photographer.

The speeches came after a delightful meal, as the speakers were getting ready, the guests prepared to listen. Guests reacting as the speeches are delivered makes for exceptional storytelling photographs. After the joy and laughter of the day, the only thing the guests had not done was dance. So they all took to the dance floor at the sound of some epic tunes.

Aida and Osad really know how to create a marvellous wedding and I wish them all the best


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