Chart Hills Golf Club Wedding | Debra and Muiz | London Photographer

Updated: Sep 4

Debra and Muiz’s wedding day was meant to be a beautiful outdoor affair on a nice sunny afternoon but unfortunately, mother nature had other ideas! Still, a little rain wasn't going to stop things going ahead so, with umbrellas in hand, we all proceeded!

I’ll admit, I’ve never photographed an outdoor wedding in the rain before so this was definitely going to be a first for me. As the expression goes “improvisation is the mother of invention” so I got hold of a huge umbrella, stuck it down the back of my shirt and got on with the job at hand! (I do wish somebody had taken a picture of that!)

The morning started out with the bridal preparations at a lovely cottage with Debra and her bridesmaids. This was one of those weddings where I had the privilege of a second photographer soI had Dazzitto taking care of the groom’s preparation with Muiz and his groomsmen.

With the bridal preparation complete, I headed over to the venue for the ceremony. It was actually a thing of beauty, seeing the guests arrive and be seated, with their umbrellas still up to stay dry . No one seemed fazed by the rain. If anything, it added to the splendour of the day!

After the ceremony, the bride and groom and their guests were treated to drinks and canapés and we took the opportunity to engage in group shots as unfortunately we were unable to go outside due to the rain.

The evening reception started with speeches, thereafter, dinner was served and then the party kicked off in full swing!

Luxury wedding planning from a fantastic team of creatives

Second Photographer: Dazzitto

Makeup & Hair Stylist | Fazezone

MC | Mc Mac

Decor | Posh & Sparkle

Wedding Cake | Mopsy cake