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Welcome to Affinity Q Photography!


As a dedicated documentary wedding photographer, I have a passion for capturing the authentic moments and emotions of your special day. With a hands-off approach, I blend into the background, allowing your wedding to unfold naturally while I discreetly capture every heartfelt moment.

From the joyous laughter during the getting ready process to the tender exchange of vows and the lively celebrations on the dance floor, I am committed to preserving the genuine essence of your wedding day.

My style focuses on candid storytelling, ensuring that your wedding album reflects the unique narrative of your love story. While I do guide you through a few group shots and the couple shoot, I strive to keep it informal, fun, and relaxed, providing you with a memorable experience that feels more like a leisurely stroll together than a formal photo session.

Before the big day, we'll have the opportunity to connect via Zoom to discuss the timeline and any special requests you may have. I want you to feel like you're welcoming a friend, not just a photographer, to document your cherished moments.

Let's capture the magic of your wedding day together. Contact me today to start the journey towards preserving your memories for a lifetime.

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